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Hi! Nice to meet you; My name is Saman and I am a photographic storyteller. I absolutely believe photography is the strongest form of visual art and it is absolutely amazing! Life's most precious moments, one frame at a time.  As a photographic artist, I am always seeking a chance to freeze a beautiful moment. I believe in the honesty and authenticity of a camera and with my added bit of magic, those turn into photo albums that you will one day look back on and remember every moment from that day and all the other moments that rush right back.  Tell me your story. I'd love to know! Want the best deals and exclusive deals for you? subscribe below and allow me to spoil you. :)


Text or call: (858) 449-4634

I became interested in photography because of its authenticity. I'll tell you a secret, I can't draw; I was probably the only child who couldn't draw. When I discovered photography, I was 6; I realized that a camera can give me the most realistic image and with accuracy. My style of photography reflects that. I am not too heavy with photoshop and editing because I believe they are destructive and take away from the natural feel of the photo so my entire focus is to do most of the creative process within the camera. I always seek to isolate my subjects from the environment in natural ways, (light, composition, depth of field, and little things in the middle)This is the first part of the creative process, then I edit the photos to make them look authentic, beautiful, and unique. I love seclusion and have an eye for backdrop and lighting (you can thank my landscape photography for this)

Are you ready for what I can do for you? let's have a complimentary chat and discuss how you deserve beautiful timeless photo because you are great :) 

About: About
  • San Marcos Civic Center jury selected exhibition 2019

  • Bravura magazine ("Go fish") 2019

  • CG Pro selected Portraits of Self Isolation ("Defeated") 2020

  • Lenz Scratcher selected 2020 Favorite photo exhibition "Silent Scream"2020

  • Hazl Magazine publication 2020

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