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Photography Classes and Workshops
Why? what? how?
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When I learned photography, I was a kid with a tool and I didn't know how to use it. I started with film and didn't have the luxury of digital to preview photos and learn that way; so, I studied. Have you ever googled a topic and were faced with ad after ad after ad? The "quick steps to become the best photographer" "how to get clients?" "how to become a millionaire as a photographer" oh boy!

No one really other than some Youtubers had any content worth looking and learning from. So I did it on my own. I always knew that I wanted to teach and over the years I have thought a few people and now I want to offer it to everyone.

Fun workshops with proper lessons to take your photography to the next level or simply use that camera you've had but never knew how to use.

What is a workshop

I learned about Aperture, Shutter Speed and the controls within camera and how that leads to the creative process and the art that's in photography. I learned more and more and then studied light, composition, leading lines, rules of thirds, and etc...

When I called myself a professional was when I knew that I could light or create any lighting that I want and can work in any condition. Now I want to give back. I want to teach photography the right way: fun, unique, informative, and safe. 

Which classes do I love the most?

1. Learning about photography and purpose. (Beginner)

2. Learning to shoot manual and why. (Intermediate)

3. Learning about flash and off camera flash (Expert)

Maybe you just need guidance? ask about on location learning and shadowing. 


These photography classes are offered in the following ways to give you maximum options safely and comfortably:

  1. Recording of Videos and instructions. (Online lecture)

  2. One on one online Video chat and lecture. (Personal)

  3. Out on location with one on one personal workshops. (Best)


I am based out of San Diego and offering these workshops in South California and available for travel and group workshops. These photography classes are for beginners to expert level and full of fun and activities aimed to be fun for kids and teens and up to adults. 

Online Videos: $50 for a 48 hour rental. (Coming Soon)

One on one Video Chat: $50 per hour Per Person

On location: $65 Per hour 

*Rates are Per Person (50% second attendee and discounts for groups available)

Cell: (858)-449 4634


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