Friends & Family portraits and headshots

It's been a very interesting year so far. It's only been a few months and everything has changed, but people! I believe! I believe we will carry on with our lives and things might seem different but all dreams will continue to be chased. I had to transition too; the world of event photography as you can imagine disappeared overnight. But we are starting to get back to work. Things will be different but challenges are usually fun.

For myself, I wanted to expand myself and my services. I began organizing and washing and clearing out the garage and set up a small studio perfect for headshots and small family sessions.

So in order to do my best to help out all of you, I have restructured how I offer these. Now, it'll be a special low hourly rate and you will choose your photos a la carte. However, if you like a few, then there are also package deals available.

This keeps all costs honest and you pay for what you like. This also assures that I do my best to create as many beautiful photos for you to make your selection. I live for the images to be printed in beautiful formats and displayed on walls and albums; so I am so excited to be working with the best printing labs and local businesses to make any image come to life in the best quality available.


If you are looking for traditional headshots, then you want to wear some smart business attire. Try to avoid busy patterns and logos on your shirt. The best colors are traditionally white, black, and neutral colors. In these sessions, the goal is to provide a good amount of light and keep the images nice and bright.

If you like something more dramatic, then we can do that as well. traditionally these are more dramatic lighting. 1 or 2 lights and usually have more shadows and dramatic lighting. I recommend this for more content creators and for blogs and personal posts.


For friends and family, I am offering a low $75 hourly fee; and $30 for every image you choose. However; as I said before, my goal is to make as many beautiful and different looks as possible to make the decision tough and why I offer packages. The more you want, the more discount will be applied. If money is an issue during these times then please notify me and I will do my best.


These images are 8x10 size and they will be available to download to your device directly. how easy is that?


I'd love for you to have such an incredible experience that you share that with you friends and family. I in return make sure I always thank you for your kind words. As always, if you think you still prefer outdoors, I always provide those as well.

Now let's get together and do some images together.