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Updated: Mar 23

The most important quaestion for many is how much is something. Which is competely understandable; to be honest, because of this question I get nightmares. Why? cause I love what I do, If I could do it for free, I would; so I looked at myself from the perspective of clients and said, "how can I help?" I noticed my clients still wanted prints and physical copy of their images just digital prints is not what I love and it's not what they want either. So I sat down and began research to see what I can do to make this experience outstanding and positive. So I researched and added products in prints, albums, wall art and even pillow cases; and mix it with digital options to create a complete solution for photography needs. so how much is it saman?

To do this and keep the cost down I now charge a small hourly of $100 per hour for the time you need me to take wonderful photos. There are many steps here for me, organizing, processing, quick editing and etc... but this is when you relax and I walk you through the process, onces you select the photos you like, then I begin the very tasking process of editing. (Trust me, the originals are not meant to be seen for a reason LOL)

After all the images are completed, you can decide how you want each photo and you make your purchase from the following options:

  • Digital Images: 20$ per image (12x8 size high resolution)

  • Fine Art framed Paper Prints: Starting at $120 (16x20)

  • Canvas Prints: Starting at $66 (12x18)

  • Framed Canvas: Starting at $210 (12x18)

  • Floating Frames: Starting at $153 (12x18)

  • Acrylic Prints: Starting at $129 (12x18)

Want multiple items? perfect, I apply discounts to multiple items purchased and you get more discount in your cart automatically (add them up and wait for the surprise :-) )

In fact if you wanna get some ideas? Here, you see some collections starting from $450 which include prints and digital files.

Wanna know how long a typical edit process can take? look at the video below.

This way I can focus my attention on each photo you like so I can give them the love and look I believe is worth your investment. I can also make sure the prints match the quality of the time and effort I have invested into it. This creates an amazing worry free experience for you and I can do what I love for you. Let's have a chat and talk about some ideas for unique photographic ideas. It's time to freeze some amazing memories!

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